2 days into my 21-day habit…

Last week, Pathik & I had a great idea about how to finally start working out, something both of us had meaning to do since 1.5 years before the wedding. Neither of us are big TV watchers, but last week NBC & ABC launched a whole set of shows we are most likely going to get addicted to or already are religious subscribers- PanAm, Community, Modern Family, Terra Nova. So we thought we would watch these shows as we worked out, to make it enticing and fun. The first day we worked out, we watched Modern Family. The second day we worked out, we watched the second half of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. The third day we worked out…. we didn’t. We haven’t gone back to working out since How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. I lost my workout plan in two days. Part of the reason is that I’m always so tired- at 10pm, an hour before my bedtime because I have to be up at 6am, I’m not jumping for joy at the thought of shuffling my tired limbs on my treadmill.

One of the reasons I was even trying to make a habit of working out is because of course, I would like to look a little more toned. However, experts say that the superficial reasons for working out aren’t enough of a motivator to keep you going, courtesy of http://otnotes.blogspot.com/. So the bigger reason that I am going to focus on is that I do not want to give up independence later in my life because I did not take the right safety measures right now. It’s not about getting rid of my thunder thighs, but more about putting less pressure on my knees so I don’t have to suffer years of arthritic pain.

I knew that when I started working out though; so why did it still not last? There has to be a way to fix the problem of laziness. I’d rather not wait around until I get so bored of my unproductive life for it to be fixed, because that’s not likely to happen. I should be motivated to work out for pleasure it brings me afterwards- that “good kind of soreness feeling” and the adrenaline rush that comes with it. However, in the days of multimedia, passive rewards are plentiful and omnipresent- One does not need to work hard or move farther than a finger width to click open some pleasant entertainment. I’m not surprised that I feel just as good lying in bed watching my new favorite shows. I’ve become old at 23.

I guess I’m just going to have to leave it up to sense of guilt to knock me out of my meaningless “drudgery,” ha.

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