Things that make my day

1. Having patients tell me they don’t really feel up to joining group therapy today but they will anyway because “you’re so young and beautiful, I appreciate your company. It brightens my day.”

2. When patients who have severe dementia actually engage in group, like today with painting sun catchers- even though I had to give him 1-2 step directions as to where to put the color, he could recognize where there were blank spots and pick colors himself!

3. When non-verbal (receptive and expressive) aphasic patients finally engage somehow- yesterday we were playing catch with a patient; I put the ball away and started to walk away when he signaled he wanted to keep playing by tapping his foot and making a throwing motion with his hands! Houston, we have a connection!

4. When ECT kicks in and the patients who have major depression quite unexpectedly jump up and start playing the piano out of the blue, with a GIANT smile.

5. When patients say “Thank you, that was a really helpful group.”


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