Wisconson Dells 2012 Part 2: Skiing at Christmas Mountain


20121217_152111Keeping true to the Dells’ allure as a family-friendly attraction, Christmas Mountain Village is a ski resort that is conducive to all ages and all levels of skiiers: amateurs (like me), intermediates and experts (like Pathik).  We didn’t stay at the cabins there but did get a nice tour during our presentation, and they seemed spacey, luxurious, and comfortable enough with all the amenities anybody could expect. The Mountain itself has 13 skii trails with options for skiing, snowboarding, or tubing.

As this was my first time skiing and we only had a few hours to try, I never made it off Nob Hill (one of the bunny slopes) but it took me at least an hour to figure out how to hold on to the hand tow to get to the top of the hill, and about 20 billion falls onto my rear end before I figured out how to control my speed and direction. Poor Pathik was left to chase me down the hill and attempt to help me up as my skiis were all helter-skelter around me. The best was that there were also little children on this hill, and they definitely seemed more fearless than the adults who were going down the hill on skiis or snowboards.

I never plucked up the courage to go up the lift to the intermediate slopes, but Pathik had a blast going down their intermediate and expert trails. The lift takes you up to a flat central area up top where you then get to pick what trail you go down, you just might have to do a bit of flat land skiing to get to the trail you want.

Everybody at the resort was nice and helpful, and the guy renting out the equipment even gave me the following advice: if this is your first time skiing, try it without the poles first. Going down the hill with the poles the first time and then comparing it to trying without the poles, I would definitely have to agree with him. It’s just too much effort to try and control your skiis, the poles, and your speed when you first try.

I would definitely go back to this place with family or friends because we do have the option of renting a cabin and staying in the resort if we wish, and the lifts/tows are on all day so we would have the option of skiing any time we wish. The resort also does a good job of starting to make snow on the hills early on in the day if it hasn’t been snowing; the day we went they had started around 10 am and when we get to the slopes around noon the hills were piled on with snow that had already started turning to ice (which may have attributed to my initial troubles of not being able to stay on my feet during the descent).  This resort is also near the heart of the Dells, so all food options are within a 15 minute driving distance- including Taco Bell and the Cheesefactory Restaurant. As Pathik and I discovered, it is best to eat a huge meal AFTER a day of skiing, not before, but we had a nice cup of peppermint mocha from Dunkin Donuts to warm us up on our drive home from the Dells after skiing.

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