My first beach wedding

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a wedding in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’m referring to it as an opportunity because I truly felt lucky to be there. Not only did I get to spend some quality time with people I hadn’t seen in a while, but I also got to enjoy a vacation on the beach. Pathik will readily attest that I had been obsessing over a beach day for a while.

I had looked up things to do in VA Beach prior to our trip, just because I like to be prepared and plan things to do ahead of time so that we can make the most of our experience. We didn’t actually end up doing anything other than hang out on the beach, which itself was a lot of fun because of the company we had. I’ll still share my research though in case anyone is going to plan a trip there :

Surf lessons for $50/person, or $80 per person for two hours, or some other package:

Dawn paddleboarding, $20/person, There were other paddleboarding times but this was the cheapest, later on in the day would have been $60/per.

I googled “nightlife” in VA beach and didn’t come up with many results for places to go out dancing except for this place called The Cave, which was supposed to be good but slotted as a college kids hangout which some people didn’t appreciate on Yelp, what with the “woo-wooing” that apparently college girls do and all. There’s also supposed to be some other good places to go out along Atlantic Avenue, we didn’t go too far away from our hotel though and never went to The Cave.

We did go to this place called 31Ocean , they had firepits outside which you could sit at at night and hear/see the waves crashing on the beach while enjoying a drink. This was a nice place to chill at, especially after a few days of late night wedding extravaganza. VA Beach also gets chilly at night in late May so sitting by the fire was a warm welcome. However, they close promptly at 2 and will remind you at least 5 times that they are closing and you need to finish your drinks and leave.

Outside of being at the wedding/hanging out with friends at the hotel after the wedding all we did was enjoy being on the beach. Our hotel wasn’t on the beach but was literally across the street from it, so walking to it at any point in day/night wasn’t hard. I went for a walk on the beach at 7am and wasn’t too cold even with the breeze, being in direct sunlight does help keep warm on the beach even though walking along the streets may seem chilly in the spring.

There’s tons of shops lining the streets, so if you forgot anything from a beach volleyball and frisbee to chapstick you’d be able to find it most likely right outside your hotel. We ended up getting a volleyball and playing sand soccer with it, the people from the city who put the nets up were actually taking them down right when we got to the beach in the evening that day. I was a little grumpy about it, but someone in our group was positive about the whole thing and suggested we play soccer, which was a lot of fun except for Pathik throwing out his back and being bedrest for a couple hours afterwards. This sounds worse than it actually was. He felt better with some meds, rest, and a pain patch.

Because he wasn’t feeling well, we didn’t end up going to the Mexican restaurant with everyone else but we heard it was really good, meeting the stereotypes for a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. I wish I remembered the name, but maybe you’ll be able to find it with the context clues.

We did go to this nice cafe for a quick bite of breakfast the day of the wedding, called Cafe Amarino. Their coffee is good and their gelato looks amazing, although we didn’t try any. Any place with sea salt caramel gelato wins in my book. Sea salt caramel anything, really.

Last but not least, we rented bikes and went up the boardwalk. There were single seaters, double seaters, and four-person seaters, which you can rent at any point along the beach, so I won’t name any rental locations. We got a few four-seaters and biked along the beach, it’s really nice because they have designated bike paths and you don’t have to watch for pedestrians along the boardwalk. We of course fit more than four people into our bike, being the Indians that we are, so the going was a little slow but at least we didn’t have to worry about dodging people. We did get honked at a few times by other bikers though 🙂

From walking along the beach to headphone parties after the wedding to being buried in the sand, VA Beach was awesome, especially because we had awesome company to vacation with! I think people of any age would be able to enjoy this place though, there is much to do and the beach itself is really nice. I’m done complaining for a beach fix-for now anyway. Here’s pics!
The bike selfie : image

Pathik and I at the reception :image

Look at all that delicious gelato: image
Early morning walk on the beach: image

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