Tasty Tahini

I mentioned that I would follow my spicy sauce recipe with a recipe for Tahini. Well, here it is. I love this sauce so much I use gobs of it on my pita sandwich, partly because the spicy sauce I make is at a 3-chilli level. This sauce is also great as a dipping sauce- for toasted pita chips, carrots, whatever else you may please; although, I’ve never tried it but I think cucumbers would work great.

Side note: Falafel and related sauces are NOT Greek. They are Mediterranean. Vegetarians visiting Greece should not expect to eat tahini on pita sandwiches, they should expect to eat tatziki on souflaki sandwiches. I am speaking from personal experience.

For approximately one cup of tahini, enough for a family of five to load it onto 2 pita sandwiches each, at least:

1/4 cup sesame seeds
3-4 tbsp sour cream
2 tbsp plain yogurt
sugar and salt to taste

First, finely grind the sesame seeds in a food processor. Our Sumeet Indian food processor from literally the 1970s works way better than our Ozterizer for this.
Second, blend everything together, adjusting for salt and sugar as you go along.

Just like my spicy sauce, this sauce can be made with ingredients usually found lying around an Indian kitchen. It’s actually better if you use Indian dahi vs store-bought yogurt because it’s more watery and will blend well with the rest of the ingredients. Depending on your yogurt, you may have to add some water, mixing as you go along because you don’t want the sauce to be too thin. I especially had to do this as I used Greek yogurt, but I still don’t think I used more than a quarter cup of water max. (This is what happens when you write a recipe long after you actually make the dish.) If there are any edits I’ll let you guys know! For now, enjoy 🙂

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