Early Summer in Beautiful Arizona

Out of the blue one day Pathik asked me if I wanted to go with him on a work trip to Tempe, AZ- the location of ASU. I had no idea where Tempe was, never heard of it before, or even knew how to pronounce it. He told me it’s somewhere near Pheonix, and Sedona- that’s all I needed to hear to say a quick yes, without thinking twice about it – even more than during the half hour lunch break in which he asked me. Even though it was really hot, I was able to do a variety of different things- from eating out, spending time in the pool and even the hot tub, and of course being in nature. I’ll say being in nature instead of hiking because we didn’t really do any hiking except up some hills to see certain spots on the map while in Sedona- we weren’t really in any shape to do 5 mile hikes in the heat, and Pathik was still recovering from his soccer playing. Continue reading

Our trip to: Wisconsin Dells, 2012- Part 1

Pathik and I got a nice opportunity to just get away for a 3-day weekend in early December. We had a deal from Bluegreen Resorts where if we listened to a 3 hour presentation on their points program (similar to time share) we could enjoy a hotel stay plus passes to some activity for $100. The deal was originally for 4 people, and we had been trying to schedule something for the fall season, but everything had always been booked so Pathik and I chose to use it ourselves for a spontaneous getaway. Our getaway couldn’t have come at a better time. I had been really stressed with starting my new job and attempting to manage household responsibilities now that my role as a student had been completed, and Pathik had just finished a gruelling first quarter of MBA school only to start another quarter more difficult than the first. The (ideal) plan had been for Pathik to finish his coursework by Friday of that weekend, but of course he didn’t end up doing that until Sunday night, and we were only there from Saturday morning to Monday afternoon. So, most of the trip was my exploring the hotel we were staying at, but we had a really fun Monday skiing and brunching at this charming vegan-friendly restaurant. Read on if you are vegetarian, you like hotels with hot tubs and indoor water parks attached, if you travel to the Dells with children in tow, and/or if you like skiing. Continue reading