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I chose to become an occupational therapist my sophomore year of college. I’d never even heard of it before then. It was during a time in my life when everything was shifting and nothing was predictable. I just entered into a new serious relationship, I had different friends, I lived away from home, and I had decided not to become an astrophysicist after all. I chose OT ( I know, 180 degree turn- see that mathematical reference there?) because I thought it embodied who I was becoming at the time- a fiercely independent person who cared about enabling others to pursue their dreams/desires/wishes. I could have become a counselor, motivational speaker, or a teacher to achieve the same purpose, but I read some story in a book in the Career Center about this OT who baked a cake with some kids and it counted as therapy. So I chose OT I guess because that’s what I thought I would be doing- having fun all the time. It hasn’t been a piece of cake, but it has been enjoyable ( for the most part). As for the intention to enable/empower people, well, I’m still figuring out how to do that in more ways than once, as you can see below:

Thoughts on Occupational Therapy:

OT Activity Ideas

  • Postsecret : Taking a popular idea and applying it to OT for adolescents- building coping skills

Problem Solving

  • Cognitive levels: Tailoring activities and thinking of prompts for patients at different levels of different cognitive functioning
  • Rehabilitation: What I learned about working in phys dys during my fieldwork, and how I increased my confidence to the point where I would now consider working in rehabilitation

4 thoughts on “Occupational Therapy

  1. Hey Bhumi,

    I am currently doing my undergraduate in Psychology, and hoping to get into a O.T. Program – Fall of 2013! I came across your Blog while doing some research, and was very interested in hearing more about your experiences especially being young and entering the field of O.T. Just wanted to write and let you know, that this is a great way to not only capture your thoughts, but it gives some guidance for young students like me hoping to get into the field of O.T.

    Richa Patel

    • Thanks for your comment Richa! Sorry for the delayed response, but I was tied up with all the stuff that comes with being an OT student….:). Did you have any questions about the process of applying to OT school, or anything OT-related in general?

  2. Hello Bhumi! I just wanted to thank you for all of your posts on Occupational Therapy that you have up so far. As a prospective student, I’ve been trying to figure out what life is like as a student and new grad, and how best to approach my upcoming applications. I am so excited to see another OT that I can relate to – your “I Do Occupational Therapy” Post is my favorite one because I often come across OTs who don’t have conviction in their profession or are not sure why they need a degree to be an OT :(. I’d love to keep in touch with you – I feel like you’ve mentored me so much through your posts, and still want to know more about OT through you! 😀

    • Hi Sneha!

      yes, it is sad to hear that some practicing therapists don’t see why an OT degree is needed. That just shows practitioners don’t see the role evidence based practice plays in providing quality care, and that education is key in providing evidence based practice. Good luck on your applications- I’ll message you my email address in case you have any questions. Keep in touch, would love to hear your opinions on future posts.

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