What role did your childhood occupations play in forming your self-esteem?

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written, but I’ve been SO busy with the job search and preparing for board exams while finishing up research. Then today, I read an AWESOME article which finally motivated me to actually write rather than just tab it as a “blog about” page.

Occupational Therapy’s role in the community

It’s an article called “Time Well Spent” in this month’s (July 2012) issue of OT Practice. The basic gist of the article is this: engaging in health occupations plays an essential role in one’s growth and development, but sometimes this engagement is deterred by socio-economic factors that lead to occupational deprivation for the children of that community, leading them to pursue unsafe occupations which do not foster skill growth and an increase in self-confidence. Occupational therapy practitioners can address this need by Continue reading