Increasing my confidence in working in phys dys

I have been meaning to write something about my phys dys subacute rehabilitation fieldwork setting, but have not gotten around to it yet, again due to OT-student related activities. However, as I now start the job search process, I realize I should not be presenting myself as only one type of therapist… so below will follow a summary of my experiences at my site.

My fieldwork was for three months at a major rehabilitation hospital. It is really well-known…whenever I told people at my first site that I was going to that site for my second placement, they always said something like “Oh. that place. It’s really professional, you’ll learn so much there!” Needless to say, this greatly increased my fear of going there, especially because I did not feel that phys dys, especially rehab, was my forte. However, that all changed, thanks to a couple awesome clinical supervisors.

I learned so much during this fieldwork. All of a sudden, things I learned in my neuroscience and certain interventions courses FINALLY fell into place in my mind. Not only did I learn about the actual intervention process, but also about how to build my skills in establishing therapeutic rapport.
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